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So I am so excited to share this sporty chic look I pulled together! You ever have those days where you are thinking of what to wear and you can’t decide between sexy, cute, or comfortable!? Well that’s what sporty chic is about! All about being comfortable but chic as well! Here I am wearing a pair of simple black heels but reality is you could have dressed this up or down with a cute pair of sneakers!

Blue crop top 2_Fotor Blue Crop Top 3_Fotor Blue Crop Top 4

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Crop Top: Charolette Russe || Alternative

Pants: Forever 21 || Alternative

Trench: Missguided || Alternative

Clutch: Forever21|| Alternative

Shoes: Aldo

Blue Crop Top_Fotor DSC03879_Fotor

So here is an honest moment, I bought the pants I am wearing over a year ago!  I thought they were so different when I first purchased them, but I had no idea how to wear them! LOL I just didn’t feel it paired well with everything I tried on before. Then when I threw in the crop top with the trench and it was a definite winner! What made the look also was the chain theme on the neck of the crop top! When you are trying to pull together an outfit and are stumped as to which route you want to go, try and find a minor detail that could make the whole outfit pop! That’s how I was able to put this together, thrifting in my closet a year later! Haha!

What is your go to trick when you are stumped with an outfit?! Let me know down in the comments below.

Oh, and Stay Beautiful 😉


“Reminder: Be Fearless, Be Bold, Be Brave and Love yourself” – unknown


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