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We are getting comfortable and real this week! Although the weather dropped on us these passed few days, we are still in the comfortable weather phase for a few more weeks before winter really hits. Since I bought myself these rosche Nike’s I was instantly reminded how comfortable sneakers are compared to my shoes! For a long time I didn’t wear sneakers, it was flat shoes, boots, booties, heels, but no sneakers. I had forgotten what it was like to just be comfortable and still be stylish. When I was young my style was so sporty. I would wear Jordan sneakers with the matching belt and t shirt and jeans. It was stylish and cute for my young years then I got older and discovered makeup, heels, and feeling pretty! I learned along the way though that my clothes don’t make who I am, but rather I use the clothes to express who I am and just be me. This is the exact reason this sneaker trend is everything right now, because it is just fashion with comfort!


Now this express bodysuit is extremely comfortable. The stretch is perfect allowing room to breathe and it also has a thong, which I love because if you want to wear a skirt instead it won’t show any lines! High waist jeans, actually high waist anything looks great with body suits! It just accentuates your waist and curves! Since I am super short and am wearing low top sneakers it looks cute when you roll up the jeans outward to give it a little edge. You just have to get creative when trying to be comfortable but still have a stylish look to it.

love-made-me-do-it-3 love-made-me-do-it-4

Creativity is key when dressing comfortable but stylish


! Shop the look !

Bodysuit: Express

Leather: Express

Jeans: Express

Sneakers: Nike

Choker: Styleisher Shop (Details coming soon)

Sunglasses: Express

After listing the details I realized my whole outfit is express LOL! Can we say I have a bit of an obsession with their clothes! Who else is obsessed with Express?! Let me know in the comments below!







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