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Today’s outfit consist of lace and everything nice! I had such a busy weekend. I have been pushing myself to go out more and be open to new opportunities more than I have been for a while now. I am honestly a home body, I enjoy hanging in my house, cooking some meals and having people over. I was once this major party girl who was out and about every week, and although that part of me comes out once in a while I have spent a lot of time the passed year or so just being alone and focusing on myself and what makes me happy, friends kind of fell of the wagon and I learned that’s ok. I feel I have been coming to a new chapter in my life that needed some shedding of the old habits and people. I have honestly been embracing every ounce of this drama free life I created! I just do me whenever I want, however I want.


So with that being said, living life my way and how I want means embracing me for who I am. It sounds selfish like you just want to worry about you and do you, but in all honesty everyone needs a selfish point in their life. I spent many years trying to be this perfect girl and pleasing everyone that I came to a point like eff it, I gotta focus on me, do me, and make me happy in order to make sure those who deserve my best, receive my best. You have to take care of you first and realizing that comes with some tough decisions and sacrifice, especially if you are someone who genuinely likes to help others. I was a bit nervous putting this up, even though I know many girls wear more revealing clothes than this but for me personally this is me stepping out of my comfort zone. I felt empowered and sexy stepping out in this outfit. I kept my classic look with jeans and a blazer but the body suit was just so different and honestly it gave me a confidence boost since I hadn’t been feeling 100% myself lately. My message with this outfit is you can be sexy with class. Just because you feel confident to wear something different than the norm doesn’t make you any less than who you know yourself to be. Some may agree with your decisions and many may not, but that is totally okay. Love who you are and be proud of it! Stand tall and don’t let the small minds dim your sparkle, for I have been there and know what it is like! I hope if you decided to read today’s blog post, it left you with some courage to be you and not what society has labeled you to be. Know that you are smart, beautiful, and confident woman deserving of love and everything more! <3


Keep your head held high, for you are worth more than they know!



! Shop the Look !

Bodysuit: Forever 21 || Similar

Jeans: Express

Shoes: Forever 21 || Similar

Cross Body Bag: Charming Charlie

Sunglasses: Call It Spring

Bra: Victoria Secret

Stay Beautiful 😉


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