Styling a Simple Dress

Hey Huns,
Happy WEEKEND! Woot Woot! LOL I love the weekend but I feel like it is not long enough. I had this discussion recently with a friend about what if your favorite day of the week. Apparently I am weird because I said Thursday LOL! My explanation is I tend to feel like Thursday’s are Fridays for me, the best happy hours are around and by Friday I feel drained with work LOL I don’t perform my best. Also, when riding the subway on a Friday there are less people riding the train than the other days I feel like everyone should have Friday’s off. We should have three day weekends to prepare for Monday’s LOL! But that was just my random conversation with friends. Now on to my ideas about styling a simple dress.
So I bought this plain dress from H&M for about $12, they have all colors in these dresses and you wouldn’t think it was something so cheap because I dressed it up with a blazer and the right accessories. I love to take something so simple and make it look more than what it actually is. I Love the mixture of Maroon and cream together it looks classy and sexy, which are my goals when getting dressed. I love looking sexy and wearing fitted clothing as you have noticed but I always make it look tasteful. Check out my look below.
Dress: H&M
Blazer: H&M (last year) || Similar
Shoes: Marshall’s (Jessica Simpson) || Similar
Necklace: H&M || Similar
Bracelet: H&M
“Without dreams, we have nothing” – unknown
Mel Co x0x0

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