Sweater dress and Thigh-High Boots


Here we go Monday again, brand new week and a brand new start! This outfit was one of my Christmas gifts from my in laws! She knows my style LOL anything fitted to the body is me. I love the “Cledgy” look. I try to do chic and girly styles but I tend to feel like it just doesn’t look as good on me as I see many other girls pull it off. New goal for the year is try a different look just to step out of my dressing comfort zone!

I love the fun, fearless, sexy but classy look! I wasn’t sure about the white dress just because sometimes you can see through it and I don’t want to be the girl that you can see her skin through the dress! But when I tried it on it fit perfect and the dress was not see through at all! It actually fit my curves and accentuated them in a great way. This sweater dress was super cute and so me! These thigh high boots you have seen in many previous post but they were the best investment ever and were only $40 at Forever21. I love to invest in shoes that I can wear more than once because my budget definitely says you cannot buy a new pair of shoes for every outfit, so when I do buy I put thought into how I can wear them more than once. Yes I am the shopper who envisions her closet and thinks of more than one outfit I can pull it off with. When you are on a tight budget you have to consider all these aspects before purchasing! LOL  Check out the outfit below and leave your thoughts!

IMG_1697_Fotor IMG_1715_Fotor IMG_1702_Fotor IMG_1705_Fotor IMG_1710_Fotor

Dress: BodyCentral || Shoes: Forever21|| Bag: CallItSpring || Necklace: Strawberry

“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered” – Giorgio Armani

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