Thank God For Friday and Body Con Dresses


This has certainly been a rocky week for me. It started off with a Monday meeting that just didn’t go as planned. It is very difficult to work with someone who doesn’t care to work. Granted I know I will not work corporate for the rest of my life but I am the type of person who is going to work and do my job whether I am into it or not. I don’t like lazy workers it drives me nuts!! LOL But on the positive it’s a learning experience and as a woman it has certainly opened my eyes on how to use my creativity to work as a team. Now on to Tuesday.. dun dun dun.. I got my wisdom teeth pulled and boy what an experience. I only had two pulled so I was awake but my mouth was completely numb. It is such a weird experience with the pulling, cracking, and drilling eeeekkkk. But on the positive side, as we always try to turn our negatives into positives here, I will be able to get my commercial white smile after I begin my Invisalign treatment. I will definitely put a post up on my whole experience and how I was able to get Invisalign. I don’t have terrible crooked teeth but with the impaction of my wisdom teeth they are not as straight as they used to be and as white with all my coffee drinking. But I will do a separate post on that when I get the actual trays and give you the details on what to expect!

So now that you know where I have been all week! Let’s get to today’s post with this burgundy body con dress! I love the pattern on this dress. When I wore it I had my “friend” so you know those few extra pounds you gain?! Yeah well the dress atleast hid some with the design on it! LOL shh don’t go telling my secret now! Check out below and see how I styled it. It’s definitely the perfect dress to wear if your going out to an event and don’t want to feel overdressed or under-dressed.




IMG_1667_Fotor IMG_1676_Fotor

! Shop the outfit !

Dress: Forever21

Blazer: Target

Shoes: Lolashoetique

Accessories: Forever21

I’m not leaving with a quote today. I just want to take the time to let every one of you who read my blog know I truly appreciate the support and want to leave you with some real love from a fashion blogger. I want you all to know you motivate me to keep going and doing my thing. It is a blessing to be doing this and reaching out to other people like me. I pray for you all and hope if I can inspire one woman to follow her dreams and step out that comfort zone like I have then that truly is one of my dreams. I just wanted to leave you with love today as mentioned before. Thank you all for taking a few minutes of your day and reading my blog! <3

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