Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Good Evening my fellow beauties,

Hope you all have had a good day today! I had a long day at work but couldn’t go to sleep without giving you guys at least one post today! I definitely wanted to share this trick I recently learned because it seriously was my LIFE SAVER!!

So Background info:

I went out with the girls a few Friday’s ago and as we all got a little tipsy off of wine there goes one of my friends spilling RED WINE all over the side of my CREAM COLOR BLAZER! I almost died! But I kept calm and they told me to get hydrogen peroxide on my way home to scrub it out. I didn’t believe it worked but I was so desperate and tried it anyway! The whole train ride home I was scrubbing my blazer while everyone was looking at me like what is she doing? LOL But Thank God I did because when I woke up the next day it was like brand new! Never did I think Hydrogen Peroxide would do the trick and ever since then I pull out the hydrogen peroxide for any stain I get! So I had to share with you my loves because it was the best advice I had been given in a long time!

I am going to leave you with some shopping sites I have come across that I will definitely be ordering from and will post some of my outfits of the day for you guys! – She has exclusive accessories! So cute! I am a huge fan of the Shoe Accent Chains! Check it out! I have also seen some Celebs wearing her stuff as well!– Their clothes go for that nice sexy but not trashy look! So my style!

Also I am a Victoria’s Secret fanatic! and they are definitely having free shipping right now is you spend $25! That is awesome for Victoria even though the store is dangerous you still come out winning because their stuff is just never disappointing!

So that was just a few sites! Check them out when you have time! and I will keep shopping and exploring for deals for you hotties!

and don’t forget the life saver I mentioned in the beginning!

Mel x0x0

“People Will Stare, Make it Worth Their while” -Harry Winston

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  • RxFLaCa March 23, 2013 8:23 pm

    Thanks for the Hydrogen Peroxide tip!

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