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Happy Fashion Friday! The week is over woohoo! These Fashion Friday post are my favorite because I get so excited from the thought of it being Friday and having two days off! HAHA! I mean I still have my Saturday classes so technically I am up and en route to the city again! All I know is through all the hard work I have been doing something will pay off one day and so when I have my breakdown moments, that’s how I keep going! I also call bae and he talks sense in to me! I don’t know what I would do without this guy! Sometimes I’m like I don’t even know if I would be able to handle myself when I go through those moments of just wanting to give up and not fight for my dreams anymore. I also have to say the instagram accounts I follow give me a lot of motivation with the quotes they post and inspiration videos! I constantly am surrounding myself with those things because it is hard to be a positive person 24/7 especially in a world full of negativity! But you just keep going and keep fighting because you can never find the light at the end of tunnel if you don’t keep pushing for it! I also thank my readers as you guys keep me going. Every time I go through my down moments someone comes from the blue with a positive comment and reminds me why I started this and it was to help inspire others! So I am learning to appreciate the struggle and all those who are here with me through it!

Well there I go just rambled on about what is going on in my heart right now LOL I have to vent at times, I mean I’m human .. and I’m fighting for a better life everyday just like you! Any who on to this week’s outfit! Its like a fall spring outfit! LOL it’s spring because I only have a blazer on but fall colors for sure. I actually came across this outfit in my saved files and realized I never posted it up! So that worked out because I wasn’t able to do my styling sessions these past Sunday’s! I love the grey jeans with maroon top! Its just a nice combo! I paired it with my tuxedo blazer to give off that professional relaxed style! My shoes those! I love these white peep toe booties! There are on sale right now too! I’m so jealous if you purchase because I bought them at a desperate moment and paid full price, but I wouldn’t do that to you guys LOL Check out the deets below and let me know your thoughts!

IMG_1975_FotorIMG_2019_Fotor  IMG_1964_Fotor IMG_1937_Fotor IMG_1931_Fotor IMG_1928_Fotor

! Shop the Outfit !

Jeans: Express (DuH LOL)

Shirt: H&M

Blazer: Forever21

Shoes: CallitSpring

Accessories: Forever 21

“Believe you can and your halfway there” – unknown

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