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How was your weekend?!?! I missed you guys!! This passed Sunday I went to a vow renewal for my sister in law. It was so beautiful she and her husband have been together for 10 years and wanted to renew their vows. I thought it was so cute to do that and remind eachother that no matter what we have gone through we still are here and by each others side till the end. It is so rare to find that kind of love in our day and age. Everyone has expectations of perfection but reality is there is no perfection in love, we are humans and if we can’t find someone to love through their trials, growth, and change, we will never experience that real love. We must learn to grow with someone and accept the changes that come our way. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes we grow apart or change occurs within what you both value. Love only works so much as the respect and love are in that relationship from both ends. In our day and age ego is so high that some potential relationships throw it all away before giving it a real shot. No one wants to be wrong, work through the nonsense, and communicate true feelings. I struggle with communicating feelings to people I love because I tend to not want to hurt them, but in the end I learned it hurts them more because I didn’t communicate at the moment. My hunny has pushed me to communicate things to him even if it hurts. Honestly, it is what has kept our relationship going strong. ‘

Any who back to my original idea for this post LOL I ended up going off about love, but I just love to see people in love. So yeah, I honestly didn’t know what to wear to a vow renewal because I didn’t want to look too dressed down but I didn’t want to over do it either. I found this simple dress at forever for $12! LOL That was a definite steal because its pretty decent quality, you know sometimes when you buy cheap you can see through the dress but this dress is actually thick and covers! I remembered I had this long trench vest! (Yes it is a vest and I am wearing a hoodie underneath because I did not realize how cold it was outside) I mean we have been having spring weather for most of November and of all days the temperature just dropped on me haha! But whatev’s you tough it out when you’re feeling your outfit. Also let’s talk about these fringe shoes! Ugh! I had been dying for a pair and saw these at WantMyLook. I had been dying to wear them and what perfect time than to make the all nude look with a touch of black! Love Love Loved this outfit and the dress was comfortable too! It was the ultimate win! What are your thoughts?!?! Was this a steal or splurge?!?

DSC03549_Fotor nude dress DSC03553_Fotor DSC03560_Fotor DSC03561_Fotor DSC03564_Fotor

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Trench Vest: Missguided // Shoes: WantMyLook // Dress: Forever21 // Sunglasses: Express // LipLiner: Mac Morning Coffee // Lipstick: Velvet Teddy

“We are shaped and Fashioned by what we LOVE” – Johanne Wolfgang Von Goethe

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