Yellow and Pearls

Hey Hunnies,
I hate when I am struggling to find the right outfit and switch it up a million and one times. I go from dresses to pants to skirts and back to pants. I can be an indecisive person especially when I am going somewhere that I feel I have to make a great first impression. Times like those make you realize how important fashion is to our everyday lives. When you are trying to make that good first impression you want to look clean, neat, and stylish. Your outfit can become a conversation starter for those who are not extroverts, hence myself. I love to make sure I am dressed to the T wherever I go. If you leave your house feeling confident in how you look, you will have a successful day. Also, if you don’t know how to spark up a conversation with someone, it definitely helps as a conversation starter when you are wearing the perfect combination for an event.
I went to my first blogger meet-up a few weeks ago and I had such a great time. Everyone was so down to earth and extremely nice. If you’ve been reading my blog you will know I’m all about positive and genuine people. I feel that’s what I love most with entering the blogger world is everyone is so positive and yes of course everything has the few negatives but for the most part I love how blogger’s support one another its all about collaboration and being open to the possibilities you couldn’t imagine happening!
Now on to the word Blazers. That is the most important word you are going to come across as you get older and start wanting to dress stylish and sleek. Blazers just go with everything I tell you! EVERYTHING! You can dress them down, dress them up they are just everything to me and I have one in basically almost every color LOL. Now Since I did not know what to wear I felt fat in one outfit, didn’t like the way the other made me look I just threw on all black and with the pop of the yellow blazer, made my outfit perfect! It wasn’t too dressy and it wasn’t underdressed especially since I didn’t know what to expect for the meet up. Also Ladies, Let me tell you how Forever21 had over-the-knee high heel boots! And they stretch! The fact that they fit my thick thighs was amazing to me! I am so used to those boots not fitting because  of my thick thighs but not these boots they were perfect and especially for the price of $45! I was ecstatic! Best deal I had gotten for the fall season! See below and tell me what you think about them!
Everything worn in these pictures are linked  below so you can purchase your version of the outfit 🙂
If you leave your house feeling confident in how you look, you will have a successful day.”
 – Mel Co x0x0

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